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Monday, August 3, 2009

25 followers?...guess I'm gonna do my own giveaway...

Good morning angels,
I have gladly found out I now have 25 followers. Thanks for your support girls, and I hope you keep following my blog, and comment me more. I love reading comments ;)

Anyway, 25 followers means I'm gonna have my own giveaway...with Italian products, of course. For the joy of those who love having things others can't get their hands on ;)
I'm going shopping in less then an hour so stay tuned....AND SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE...the more the merrier eheeheh...

I'll post again tonight with the rules and the "application form" ehehe...



  1. what happend? Is blogspot giving me troubles or what? Now I see 24 of you... :( has someone cancelled their subscription? I don't think so, you all seem to be there...anyways...I'm gonna shop for the giveaway nevertheless, someone else is gonna subscribe eventually ;)

  2. Ooooh Italian products! How exciting! It would be fab trying things you can't get here! x