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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Question of the day: how do you treat your combination skin?

Hello lovelies,

it's Wednesday again, and it's time for a question of the day post.

Today, I'm interested in your opinions on a very delicate matter: how do you treat your combination skin (if you've been cursed with it)?

My skin is weird. I get very little but aggravating pimples on my forhead, chin, and occasional breakouts on my cheeks. I've been having those occasional breakouts ever since my horrible acne experience (which dates back to 2005, and thank God I stopped it before it was bad!) that I could only treat with birth control pills. On my cheeks I get visible pores (I guess they are clogged) that only go away when I am exposed to seawater.
My skin is not oily at all, I just have this problems with breakouts and sometimes clogged pores (which are not as bad as some people's), the rest of my face is very very normal and uniform.
I've tried everything, every product, from drugstore's L'Oréal and Garnier, to Collistar, and even some pharmacy products such as Avène.
None of them significantly changed my face. The only effective treatments for me are pills and seawater. And since seawater is erasing all the crap from my face, I highly doubt is a hormones matter anymore.

So far, the only products that made me say "wow, this really works" are:
Witch Stick by Witch, and Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Spot Wand by Boots, which I bought in London some months ago. None of them are available in Italy, and we have no similar product.
(I ran out of Witch Stick, but I still use the Boots Spot Wand when I have breakouts, hoping to go back to London before I run out of it). If you suffer from "pimples hell", I highly recomand those products, other than that...my question remains: how do you treat your combination skin?

I'm looking forward to hearing your opinions and experiences,

PS: I forgot to mention it, but I've also tried ProActive when I was in Canada, and it didn't work for me. Eventhough I hadn't started birthcontrol back then.

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