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Sunday, August 9, 2009

My first blog award! yay!

Good evening ladies,
the lovely Michelle aka Lipstick Rules nominated me for an award. It's my first award, and it feels oh-so-good!
I bet most of you follow her awesome blog already, but if you don't I encourage you to. She's a lovely Canadian blogger, and she also tickles your brain with her "question of the day", which I find very stimulating and interactive!

Since I am supposed to nominate 12 blogs I like to read for this nomination, I'll draw my list. Just click on their names to go directly to their blogs:

1. Cupcakes and Cherries : the beautiful Daisy's blog, well organized, and full of thorough reviews!;
2. The Virtues of Beauty: Patience's thoughts on life as she knows it! Her blog is lovely and fun, and she's also having a giveaway now;
3. Too Much Blush: if you love fotd, you must follow Em! She does great jobs with her lovely eyes!;
4. Lipgloss86: lovely layout, lovely reviews, lovely blogger!;
5. The Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog: One of the most stunning moms of the beauty bloggers world, Holly does great fotd, and reviews! She is also the person who runs the fantabulous Makeup Merchant, which follows;
6. Makeup Merchant: a great idea that allows non-UK residents to have all of those pretty little things from British brands we all love, and can't buy in our countries!
7. Hele Says... : Hele is an awesome looking girl, and a great blogger. She runs the Nail Buff with Holly - they're really lovely!
8. Lou Lou Land!: Louise is a lovely girl, and she does great reviews and swatches. She's also very interactive, which I love!!!
9. Love Lipstick and Lime: another Canadian hot mommy, Nadia does GREAT fotd;
10. The Makeup Snob: one of the most popular blogs ever...no need for catchy phrases here, we all know the wonderful job Sarah does for the beauty addicts!
11. TiffanyD: I'm sure we all know who that is. Inspirational. I love her vids!
12. Pixiwoo : my biggest inspiration as far as makeup is concerned: I L-O-V-E SAMANTHA AND NICOLA CHAPMAN!!!

Thanks again for the nomination, Michelle!!!

Off to watch Life on Mars (the British version) now,
read you guys later :)



  1. Aww thank you so much Lyd!! xxx

  2. i'm going to check all of these out. im also going to follow you. follow me too if u want


  3. You are amazing! Thanks so much for the award! Look how terrible I am so taking this long to see... im sorry! Im seriously taking a posting break to catch up on reading! Life has been crazy! Thanks again for the awards and for the wonderful words! It really means alot!!!