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Saturday, August 8, 2009

I need some advice on Barry M products

Good morning angels,
today I want to ask you questions about some Barry M products that I would like to order. Since the Pound Sterling - Euro exchange is not that convenient to me, I want your opinions on the products I will be listing, for me not to waste money on things that are not worth it.

So, dazzle dusts will surely be fine...I am attracted to the colors gold, pink gold, tan, and mint green...are they as pretty as in the site's images?

now....Lip Paints: is Muldberry a pretty nude color? I want a wonderful nude color, cos nude is not so popular in Italy yet, and I can't seem to find a good one here. So, what is the perfect Barry M nude lip paint in your experience?

Nail paints: the perfect nude (comparable to Rimmel Nail Pro "Nude", I mean) nail paint?? is it Muldberry Pink??

Finally, what do you think of the Translucent Loose Powder?

Thank you girls in advance!


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PPS: thanks for all the pretty comments on my last fotn post. There's more to come ;)


  1. the most 'nude' nude is 101- Marshmellow but it can be lipe concealer lips. I personally prefer gosh darling! dazzle dusts are lovely xxx

  2. I'll have a look for the dazzle dusts for you and swatch them I think I have at least one of those - as lipgloss86 says 101 is the most nude but GOSH darling has a much better consistency the 101 can be a bit chalky.I like 132 Pink Gold Sparkle by Barry M thats really pretty. I have tried any of the pale nail paints but I suppose a french style nude would probably be Pinky Caramel. I don't know if you use you tube but lollipop26 has a good best of barry m video which might help xxx

  3. I've posted a few swatches on my blog for you x

  4. i swatched the 'Tan' dazzle dust here: http://littlem-o-holic.blogspot.com/2009/06/barry-m-dazzle-dust-swatches.html
    if you want to have a look. i actually love it!
    i've never tried their Lip Paints though