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Friday, August 21, 2009

I have a winner for my giveaway!

...and that winner is...
which corresponds to: LOUISE!

I am very happy about this, as Louise is a constant reader, she always takes time to comment and all. Congrats, Lou!!!
I'll contact you on twitter!

Thank you to everyone else who entered! Don't worry, you'll have a chance when I do another giveaway, which will be when I hit 150 followers, I think.
Some of the profile were private, some others were non-existant, some erased their comments, and so on, so I had 32 but I ended up with 25 valid entries.

Thank you again for entering, spreading the word ect. Keep on reading my blog, cos when I hit more followers I'm gonna do another giveaway :)

Congrats, again Louise...

xoxo everyone,