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Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm currently using...

I am jumping on the bandwagon, ehehe...

Shampoo - Garnier Ultra Dolce alla Vaniglia (repurchased after my bad experience with Herbal Essences...I hate it!)

Conditioner - Garnier Ultra Dolce alla Vaniglia

Styling products - None. I give my hair a break in summer.

Shower gel - Dove Armonia dei Sensi..I don't know how it is called abroad, I think it smells of jasmine and white musk

Body moisturiser - Nivea classic for dry skin

Deodorant - Lady Speed Stick in Raspberry Burst (what will I do when I run out? guess I'll be forced to go to Canada again!)

Fake tan - I have a real tan!

Cleanser - L'Oréal for combination skin.

Toner - none

Exfoliator - L'Erbolario Gommage al Bois de Panama

Primer - We don't get primers here :( L'Orèal studio range is coming soon weee

Foundation brush - I normally use my fingers

Concealer - none at the moment, it's summer and I give my skin a break

Powder - none

Blusher - None at the moment, it's summer...my cheeks are naturally blushed by the tan ehehe Sometimes I used the Lumiere one in Indian Red though. Love it

Bronzer - when I use it, it is Pupa

Highlighter - none

Eyeshadows - all sorts...(although I'm only wearing make up at night time)...Sleek, Clarins, Pupa.

Eyeliner - Shiseido gel liner in black

Curler - none

Mascara - Rimmel Sexy Curves

Lipstick - None at the moment

Lipgloss - Pupa...but I can't remember how it is called

Nail colour - Rimmel 60 seconds in Rose Libertine

I tag everyone who hasn't done it yet!

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